About Devlyn

Hi!   My name is Devlyn Dunne and here’s my “story”.

I was the kid who hated parent-teacher conferences. Why? Because I knew what was going to be said – every time! The teacher would say, “Her grades are average but she’s very bright and has so much potential. The problem is, she daydreams out the window.”

My parents would sigh and smile politely as they would head home to have “the talk” with me – again. They would ask why I was always daydreaming and I would say, “I don’t know”. I didn’t know how to tell them that my imagination was in overdrive with vivid stories. After all, I came from a left-brain dominant family (doctors and nurses) and it was assumed that I was too.

Now being an army brat, I traveled the world with my folks and experienced many people, places and things. When I joined the ranks of the Army Medical Corps and became a registered nurse, I maintained the family traditions.

Don’t get me wrong! I loved my career in the nursing profession and I was good at it, but that only strengthened  my left-brain needs.  I was out of balance. The young girl who loved to create imaginative stories was still lying there dormant and needed a healthy dose of attention.

So here I am, writing stories and happy as a clam. Second careers are a good thing. They help you grow and expand. There’s excitement to be found in discovering a different side of yourself and the world around you.

Want to come along for the ride?