FRIENDSHIP – A Flash Fiction

The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over. The sound of the lightening cracking and the thunder rumbling had always frightened her.

Where was he?

Why would he leave her alone when she needed him?  He had always been there for her when she was frightened, sick, or lonely. He made her feel safe, loved and happy. They had found each other and would be companions for life.

How could he just leave me here alone?

For as long as she had known him, he had protected her, loved her, and made her happy. He listened to her and although he may not fully understand what she was trying to express to him, his beautiful eyes would convey his concern for her, his joy, his feelings with little kisses and cuddles.

Another loud clap of thunder and a quick bright flash of lightening, she jumped and gasped. She hugged herself even tighter to contain her fear. He had been the one to comfort her in times like this. But he wasn’t here, so what would she do?

It was deafening as the rain hit the rooftop. As her curiosity became stronger than her fear, she slowly approached the window to look out. Suddenly the wind shifted and it was blowing the rain sideways. Tree branches were propelled through the air along with the biting rain.

Where was he? He should be here with me.

Her fear was laced with annoyance and anger. Feelings of betrayal and abandonment were insidiously creeping over her. It hurt her that he didn’t care enough to be there with her when she needed him so deseparetly.

Just like the wind outside, her thoughts suddenly shifted to concern for him.

What if he had gone outside? Why would he do a silly thing like that?

She  cautiously tip-toed through the dining room to the kitchen looking for him. She called his name several times. No reply. When she reached the kitchen sink, she looked out the window at the raging storm. It put a knot in her stomach. Then another flash of lightening followed by the rolling thunder. In the instant of that flash, she saw him. Outside, in the pelleting rain, lying down facing the wall of the garage.

Oh my God! Sam! Sam!

Her fear vanished as she ran to the back door. When she opened it and stepped outside, the wind pushed against her with such force that she had to rebalance herself. Slipping in the mud, she ran towards the garage where Sam laid.

He turned his head back to look at her and wagged his tail. In the hollow between his body and the garage wall, a little wet, frightened kitten huddled next to him.

Oh, Sam!

The pride and compassion she felt at that moment melted away all the earlier fear, annoyance and anger. She picked up the little stray kitten and lead her beloved friend toward the house as the storm continued to howl and scream at them. Reaching the backdoor, she now knew why he had not come inside with the kitten during the storm. The doggy door was blocked by a fallen branch.

Inside she deposited both of them in the bathtub for a quick rinse and a fluff dry. A saucer of milk for the kitten and a hearty bowl of kibble for Sam was next on the agenda. She put both of them on the sofa for a long nap, but before he put his head down to sleep, Sam looked up at her with those loving eyes and licked her hand.

There was one thing she learned that night – sometimes someone else has needs greater than your own.


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