WHAT? Breast Cancer ..Again! At Christmas . . .REALLY!?!

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Breast Cancer at Christmas . .Really?

Breast Cancer at Christmas . .Really?

Breast Cancer? Yeah, I’ve done this before and I’ve done Thyroid Cancer as well. I’m a survivor – always have been and always will be. Coming from a long line who have not survived, the rest of us in this family have a greater chance of higher quality of life survival as medical technology improves.

DNA test for BRCA 2 has been detected in several members of my family line . What does this mean? Basically, we carry an inherited gene that makes us highly susceptible to certain types of cancer –   breast cancer (both men and women), prostate cancer, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Just like blonde hair and blue eyes are inherited, this cancer gene is inherited.

I learned, both as a RN and a survivor, that:  1.) annual mammogram is essential, 2.) monthly self breast exams are essential to the preservation and quality of life. Men should do self exams as well – both breast and prostate exams, feel for any unusual lumps, bumps, swelling, tenderness or discharge. Here’s a link to help you learn more:



In 1985, I found a breast tumor by self exam and surgically removed. 2003 was the year of my thryoid cancer. In 2007, small breast tumors were found by mammogram (that I could not feel on self exam) – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy ensued. 2 weeks ago, small tumors sighted once again – not felt by self exam.

My course of action? Get on with life. I don’t do self-pity and negative whining. I consult with the Cancer Management team with possible options. I think I’ll elect to have total bilateral mastectomy and get implants. Then I’ll be done with this annoying concern once and for all and have the bonus of a brand new pair of fresh perky ones – just like Angelina Jolie did!!

It’s imperative to emphasize the importance of self care, to my children and to teach their children, AND for everyone – be vigilant in your exams and health.

Always stay positive in thinking. Positive thinking is very powerful.

All life has ‘balance’. As proof of that, I just published my book on Amazon at the same time I found out about this. There’s the positive side of things. Believing the positive side of all this is simply – it is part of my life journey and lessons learned by it. How do I take this and turn it into sometime of value for myself and how I contribute to the world?

That’s the real thing of value. Appreciating what I am and what I already have makes me feel alive, and fills me with joy!

Remember this Yuletide season is not about the presents, but the gifts given and received by human beings, families and their love.

Love and Light!