Yuletide without packing on the pounds.

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Yuletide is a season of celebration for many, and that means lots of events to attend, and lots of food to eat. You’ve got the office party, a big dinner with Grandma for Christmas, plus all those neighbors dropping off plates of goodies! Combine that with stress-related eating, and the pounds pile on. Next thing you know, you’re buying pants that are two sizes bigger than the ones you wore in November.
Here’s some ideas keep it from happening.

Eat Before You Party
Before you go to a party or event where there will be food, be sure to eat ahead of time. Snack on some peanut butter, or an apple. Don’t ever go to a party hungry, or you’ll sample a little of everything, but that’s a really good way to pack on the extra pounds.

Portion Control
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using a large plate. We’re trained to finish whatever you have a on your plate, you’ll end up with a big meal with a big plate. Use a smaller sized plate, you’ll end up with less food.

Add the Greens
Make sure at least 50% of your food is green veggies. Start with the salad or a pile of veggies like the veggie/dip platter. The human stomach feels full about twenty minutes after you start eating. Start off with the veggie nibbles (not the chips!) before your main course, and that way by the time you start the dinner, you’ll be on your way to feeling full. The vegetables and salad will help you fill up on healthy calories, which means you’ll eat less of the food that is heavy with calories – like the sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

***A full feeling means you’re done eating. It means that the slower you eat, the less you’ll eat.

Don’t be a Grazer!
It’s really easy to graze on snacks all day, especially if you have them sitting close to workplace, or on the kitchen counter. Out of sight – out of mind for these things. Plan on having a healthy snack halfway between breakfast and lunch, and again in the middle of the afternoon. (this doesn’t mean the Christmas cookies, I’m talking about veggies or fruit). This will help you cut back on calories and keep your brain functioning at peak level, as well as keep your mood level. Humans tend to get agitated on sugar highs when we eat too much and irritable when we don’t eat when we need to.

Don’t Eat on the Go
Eat only sitting at the table, and use a plate and fork, take the time to sit down, and you’ll probably eat less. Eating staying up, on the run or in the car, people usually consume more calories. Back to that grazing thing again!

Get Up and Walk
Go for a brisk walk with some of your fellow diners around the block, and you’ll feel rejuvenated and have a good time. Plus, you’ll be burning off some of those calories you just gobbled down and get rid of that full bloated feeling!

Hope these ideas help, I know they work for me.
Above all else, find JOY and GRATITUDE in these times.

Happy Yuletide to you all!
Love and Light!